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The Best Of Rap Volume 16

To begin the day we have U-nik Stylez with "The Purpose" prod. by Per C Wells the single is showing pure potential, mix will get better over time, while the writing will only become stronger, as its strong already. Ka$hdami - "Phoenix" is a single that is reminiscent to the trap cloud wave, the single we think is for young ladys who would love the softness and finesse of the artists vocal. Kur - "For My Fam" is a single that Kur absolutely glides on, the artist does wonders with the way he's able to keep up with the lyricism on a fast paced instrumental. Jalen Campbell - "Tell Me" sounds like a record for bosses, we think once the artist has more confidence in his vocal, not just the writing, we could possible hear him open up and become louder, as loud as his writing. Rodoski - "ALEVE-D" is a single that sounds like it came out straight form the 90's, the artist does wonders with the way he raps, becomes aggressive and then relaxed and starts singing. AC Tatum - "Perspective" does wonders on this instrumental that is chopped and reminiscent again of the 90's but in a different way than the other we previously spoked about. The writing as well makes you want to listen closely and catch things you would miss if you were just hearing, and not listening. Arrow Santi - "Lotus Dreams" is something we want to cover that shows pure potential and thats it, the artist has things to work on such as getting the mix in a commercial way but we think there is promise. Last but not least nwkidd333 delivers with "title track*" the singles instrumental is reminiscent to Joji here but the writing is simply mind controlling here over the cloudy instrumental. Listen below for yourself.


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