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The Best Of Rap Volume 10

To begin the evening with some amazing talent we have Nifer XO - "Heartbreak" the single is about pain and the artist gets right to it and you can clearly see that it's about pain. We absolutely love the instrumental and can hear the potential. Kaleel Carpè gives u a proper track with "Gray Impalas". The mix is absolutely amazing, and we love the parts where he's stacking. It's reminiscent to 50 Cent but wee think Kaleel does it even smoother. TUBBZ - "The Bag" is a single simply about being on your grind and being about the bag, we can defintely respect it. If you just look at the video you can tell that TUBBZ is serious and it rubs off on you, time to get the bag. WestWrldSyd - "Chosen One" is a single that will have you moving and just wont absolutely stop, the lyricist just keeps it going and going, and the hook becomes memorable so you then want to do the adblibs in the record, its fascinating. Listen to them on the playlist below!


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