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The Best Of Rap Volume 1

To start off the day in amazing way we thought, why not begin the day with some good old rap / hip hip. Usually we do these articles on Lofi beats, but wanted to spice up the mix. We begin with Young X - "Knight Ryder" a single that is mostly led with a pop instrumental filled with bass for a nice foundation. Its different with Young X though, the style is reminiscent to Kanye. Darquell switches it up with "Happy" offering a different flavor indeed, with a Playboi Carti type of feel that will make you feel loose indeed. No need for drugs or alcohol, Darquell has got you. Lord Willin x Pounds448 x John Solinas - "State To State" is followed after that, a nice boom bap inspired single that has gritty and New York influence all over. For some fun in the sun feels we then have Faron Sage - with "Head Or Tail" which gives us some heavy Pet Shop Boys vibes which is pretty interesting. Dici screams potential with "Do What I Can", a single that is reminiscent to Yung Lean to us in the way that it is simply relaxing and you connect with it on a personal level. Then to end the day on an amazing high note we have Triple One with "NEON DREAMBOAT" a hyperpop inspired single that defintely stands out amongst the crowd and offers dancability and the feeling of being yourself, and simply free, which we think makes for a great way to begin the day. Listen below here.


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