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The Best Of Pop Volume 7

Jordan Summer - "Compound" is a hyper pop single reminiscent to the likes of 100gecs. Alex Sandra - "Bounce", “Bounce” is a quirky and upbeat tune that shows how it feel to get up and let loose. Sometimes you’ve got to stop worrying and do what makes sense, just live a little! Delimitr - "Retransmission" is a dark and vintage aiming synth wave single that does well staying vintage, sounding like the 80's. Empty Hollow - "Tainted Lover" is a single that remins us of kiss, emotional yet still very rock. Empty Hollow - "Sunny Days" remins us of lil peep vocally, the artist does wonders in altering his voice for the genre. Empty Hollow - "Bombs Away" feels more like a grunge single reminiscent to nirvanna. Kererū - "Begin",'Begin' explores the angst of an ongoing toxic relationship. You know you should leave, but you're constantly compelled to make excuses to stay, often to satisfy the demands of the other. A hypnotic off-kilter groove inspired by Balkan dance underpins fuzzy guitar riffs, smooth synths, distorting harmonies, and a catchy hook. River - "HAPPY FOR YOU", "HAPPY FOR YOU" is an uplifting song about going through pain in a relationship and female empowerment. One Ticket To The Moon - "Time To Come Back Home" is an incredibl mixed synthwave, darkwave, retroelectro track. Madge x GIRLI - "THUMBTAX (Feat. GIRLI)", Drawing inspiration from the glistening coagulation of blood, guts and cum that glues together the universe, Madge’s 2022 output is visceral, corporal, and abstract. Viben - "Titi" is a uniqely mixed pop single that also has vapor wave elements like the pulsating synth pad. Hustle Souls - "Black and Blue", The single is an upbeat feel good retro-soul/pop song with some progressive leanings. Catchy from the gate but lots of room to grow and explore as the song moves forward into unexpected territory. Down With Space - "Not Your Time" Is a new dancy single, It was born during a sporadic jam session. It was a cathartic writing process for Rob Helsten, who was working through the grief of losing a friend in a needless accident. Fritz Michel - "On The Rocks", A mysterious tale about the distance that can come between people as circumstance widens the divide, the song is told from the perspective of a shipwrecked sailor, stranded on a bleak, stormy coast. Glassio - "Queen of the Silver City" feels like an ambient single that would've fit in at the end of the movie drive. Aspen Noah - "Cocoa Bean" feels like a commercially ready track that we would hear on the radio, we get flavors of chance th rapper here. H.MIL - "Sangria" feels like a relaxing island feeling single that the artist uses autotune as a tool and guide for performance in a great way. MATT TAYLOR - "Daydreaming" is exactly what it sounds like, a daydreaming is a distorted hyper pop track.


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