The Best Of Pop Volume 6

To end the day on a high note to pump our heart rate we have Treis x Mitch Fountain - "Constant Machines" This song is perfect for a late night drive or a RnB playlist, with Moody lyrics and a solid progression. Lizzie - "Hosking Mask"This song is about helping your friend realize they deserve much more than their walking red flag of a partner, a protetive friend is only a good one. OG Sweetz - "Nubian Woman" is a slouful single over a relaxing instrumental and calming visuals for a music video. UNA - "Dirty Habits"A heartfelt reminder that while we live on after breakup, the reappearance of a former flame can ignite our innermost feelings. Bathe Alone - "Animals & Trees"is a dream-pop single with moody arrangements and hefty layers of delay and reverb, all to a hypnotic drum feel. Bovian - "Sick Optimist"is a record for a time when so many are grieving their own personal losses, the artist wanted to give the world a musical vernacular to explore grief. Robert Schipul - "In One Place"In One Place is a dark wave synth inspired song about the pull of always wanting to be somewhere you are not, wanting something you don’t have. xetonyl - "imperfection" is a relaxing and interesting indie pop & hip hop song that elements personal love song. the artist ren - "Not the Clones!" shows promise, the artist blends female indie pop vocals with alt-rock instrumentation and quirky synth flavors. Jacket Weather - "Memories" leans heavily on influences from a similar yesterday, yet visually and sonically divergent. NYXKISS - "Nose Dive" If you like an upbeat, party but spooky song, this track is for you!". Skinny Dippers - "Boat On The Water" (feat. Keyawna Nikole) The song is a love letter to long distance relationships, and uses the metaphor of boats being drawn together and pushed apart via currents to describe the ups and downs of being separated from the one you love. Empty Hollow - "Mysteria" Empty Hollow is rock music, featuring a blend of grunge/alternative rock/hard rock. Pine Barons - "ナイトクルージング (Night Cruising)" delivers a unique psychedelic sound with rocksteady basslines and the distinctive vocals of the late lead singer Shinji Sato. Listen below.


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