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The Best Of Pop Volume 5

To begin the day on a high note we have Circle The City - "Next of Kin" makes up for an amazing road trip single, the guitars on the record make you want to play air guitar, and when its over restart the single to do it all over again. Glitch Monkey - "It lurks ..." is a darker single to listen to late night when alone, the artist gets you in our feelings heavily. Kinoco - "Show Me" is a relaxing single that makes you feel just absolutely sexy, the vocals are luscious and we hope to hear more. mark vasquez - "New Day" is a smokey single that is relaxing and the vocalist is flexible in his rap style writing and soft vocals with his singing as well. Jboz - "Diamonds" is a single about shining, the artist does indeed shine on the record with his bright and loud vocals. brayd - "lights abound" is a synth wave single that hits hard with the bass. sam stansfield - "jennifer's brand new baby" is a vintage sounding single, the pads are amazing and sound reminiscent to the 80's. The vocals are a bit warm and mixed in a way that makes you emotional along with the single. Superhouse - "Blurry" is reminiscent to a Daft Punk single with the way that it almost sounds like Future Funk. Deliciious x XXL Magenta - "Dreams" Is a hyper pop single that is reminiscent to 100gecs, the pure energy in the single is raw heat and gets your going within the first second with straight action. LinaDrae - "I Don't Wanna" is an amazing pop single that we get some Grimes influence from, the vocals lean onto the electronic side but the artist uses that as a tool instead of convincing everyone that shes naturally singing but for the aesthetic it works. Nash Rose - "Plastic Heart" is a soft sung single, the artist is flexible and the lusciousness of the relaxed vocals put us in a deep state of calm. Manic Year - "Winter" is a chopped, hard electronic led single the music is amazing and the deep vocals are absolutely tying. Alyssa Jacey - "See Me Cry" is an amazing radio ready single that has an amazing chorus that sounds like you would hear all summer long. Last but not least we have RUTH NOSTALGIA - "Feel Alive" the singles instrumental is a bit more on the jazzy, soft side but the vocals seem so solid that we think RUTH NOSTALGIA has what it takes to become a star of the future.


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