The Best Of Pop Volume 2

Jaxon - "When Times Get Tough" is an uplifting single that is reminiscent to Mac Miller here in his early days. Then the singerafter the rapper is grasping as well making the track feel like a Kanye West one. Rose Haze - "Prism" is a single that is reminiscent to Grimes in the sense that its dark, and its a pop single that is wet and just hypnotizes the listener. Jaxon sneaks on the playlist again with "I Can See" the single feels like a road trip single, or what you would hear during a scene of people driving and laughing together. Xammy - "She Can't" is a very danceable single, there is movement in the instrumental that simply hooks you, the artist uses autotune as a tool here and controls his dynamics strongly. BAYEM - "Bad For You" is a very relaxing late night single to us that you would put on when around your significant other for sure. neontown - "I Don't Wanna Be Here" sounds like a single you would hear on a dance arcade game and sounds like absolute fun, the artist has promise. VVEST - "Bad Move Baby" sounds like a single reminiscent to Bad Bunny here, the artist knows how to make a commercially ready single we think to us. It sounds radio ready. Triathalon - "Time" is an absolute banger of a single, the airy vocals are tying and makes you feel like the single is telling you secrets the whole time. KromOzone Project - "Luv With U" delivers an amazing up beat, work out single to us we think, the drums and hi hats are simply amazing, the vocal style feels force, making for an amazing cat walk single. Nefas delivers with "Disposable Shell" the single is an absolute rager with its insane bass that is driving in the whole single and amazing nuances like hi hats rolling very low and bells. Nardean delivers something unique with "Warning" the artist sings on a luscious drill beat, thats not something you say often, she makes it work.


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