The Best Of Lofi Volume 9

Today we're starting off our evening with sluke - "homesick" a single that starts off quite slow but slowly begins to open up with its luscious guitars and amazing atmosphere. Daewynn, Veggie Burger covers "Redbone" (Daewynn Cover) with what sounds like a soft uchellele as support for the single, a relaxing yet amazing flip to us. Konda Unstruct - "Der unbetretene Pfad" is a creepy late night single that is perfect for the late night, with the bass and bells. Then shortly we have Realm of Delay with "Junon" a single that the mixing is so good when turnt up loud, it really hits your chest, we love the wet keys driving the single here big time. nozzie - "green" sounds like a pick me up single, meaning when you're down, you can put it on and it will instaly make you feel better, we think nozzie might have Synesthesia, the singles name "green" is really what it feels like. Soulful Playground - "What About Jenny" is while adding the old and vintage flavor to the lofi instrumental today in a big way, then later in the single we hear more of the speech corelating to this woman in the artists life or "Jenny". EMERLD x Ian Urbina - "The Wind Down" is a wavey single that features sidechain the whole single and what sounds like a meaningfull speech around the end of the single.Last but not least we have Thore Yaw with "Mojo Verde" a single that screams legitimate influence from jazz inside his beats with the amazing chords and bass within, the single makes you bop your head and simply not stop which we think makes up for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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