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The Best Of Lofi Volume 8

Tonights night is a bit shorter for the streets ut we'll keep the party going quietly with our headphones listening to some smooth beats we start off our early night with my rook

- "Slumber" which features sounds from the famous vst omnisphere, a toy piano that gives us that child innocence feel, and then the thick drums come in with a tight mix that makes you instantly feel. After is kBeats with "Kyoto", we know Kyoto is a fantasized part of Japan, and we can feel the dreams and apsirations though the single with the sounds that are loyal to the region with awesome string instruments and flutes. gLife Beats - "Horns For Days" is a track that sounds in the middle of dark and light, in the middle of all the chaos there is a ray of light though we think with this instrumental. Hypewave stuns with "Complex Rules" setting us in an easy state of euphoria. 888 Producer - "Leaves" has us in a deep state of mind in which we feel peace and tranquility, which we think makes up for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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