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The Best Of Lofi Volume 32

To begin the evening on a high note we have Sefi Zisling - "Welcome Sunset" delivering an authethentic, vintage jazz sounding record with congos / bongos that truly is loyal to the jazz sound. flvctv - "Sunset Sweep" is a calming single that is led by guitars here with a nice and crisp sound. Johnboybeats & Plon B. - "Sea Horns" is a beat up, relaxing late night single it feels like to us that is led by ambient pads to relax. Tereza's Fake Quartet - "TFQ" is another jazz record that is loyal to the jazz sound here with proggressing chords from a rhodes that absolutely mends your soul and calms you. dj_antisocial - "Kodak Gold" is a slow bell pad led single for the foundation of the instrumental that makes one feel like therye in a dream state. Slaapzac - "Obrigado" is interesting for us because most of the sounds except the drums feels like your usual jazz single, but the drums here are extremely tough and dark making it feel like a boom bap beat, which it is. alhivi x Slately - "Tears Come From The Heart" is a single that you could hear premiering on Lofi Girl big time, the artist delivers a relaxing mix down here that is thick as well as it is luscious. MOREE x Harry Hawaii - "Tropicana" feels like something you would hear Isaiah Rashad on or Joey Bada$$, the single to us feels so relaxing and smooth that even we wanted to write and caught a flow with the instrumental. auracane - "Too Late" is a single that has more 80's drums in the single than 90's to us, the artist sounds like he's using a roland for drums it sounds like for a vintage sound that is different and ambient with the chords. JTL - "Slow Motion" is a single that feels the most like Chance The Rapper to us with his high quality of lyricism and the laid back-ness of the artists delivery like the early days of Acid Rap. Listen below.


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