The Best Of Lofi Volume 26

To start off the day we have Soulone Beats -"Awakening", a piano led single that has nuances and secrets in the background that start to creep in like the luscious guitar. Next, The Phunky Pharaoh -"Alone (Yet) Again" is a relaxing guitar led track that makes you almost feel like you were on the edge of a black hole almost. Aviscerall - "Suite Life"is a single that you feel in your chest and gut by the bass that would absolutely knock while your out at night, the rain makes it feel personal. Konda Unstruct - "An jedem Morgen"is a bit of a trippy track, the wetness of the horns in the background grasp you. Ses Flow - "Everything Is Wrong" is a more 90's felt track that is led by a beat up piano and amazing drums that you could hear XXXTentacion on or Joey Bada$$. Frxnco - "A Sky Full of Dreams" is a smooth instrumental that is led by a smooth guitar that is just simply memorable, the drums are nice, soft, yet thick. Soulful Playground - "The N Curve" is a mind numbing track, the drums are hard felt and make you want to simply start writing. Ogi feel the Beat - "Took" is a single that has chops involved and the artist / producer simply does wonders with adding things in the background that make you want to listen closely like the synths. Jomy - "Famous" is a different instrumental, it feels jazz influenced and is lofi indeed, but it feels like it couldve been a record from the 70's that we could hear vocals on and high notes all over. MYR - "Idylle" is a single that is beat up, muffled, but beautiful all around, what is reminiscent to the legendary Lofi producer HmSurf, this single seems to hit the spot in all the right places. Last but not least we have Matteo Franchi - "Buddha is not a stone" delivering an ambient, relaxing single, with unique drums and glitchy effects inside that make you feel something different than you usually do. Listen below.


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