The Best Of Lofi Volume 25

To begin the day we have Wulf Morpheus - "To The delivering", a track full of chops and what sounds like a mind numbing harp. Binker Golding deliver a sound more loyal to the jazz genre wih "(Take Me To The) Wide Open Lows" the single begins in quite an odd way that would make us think it was a country track, and then it develops. Kaapstaad - "Aula" is a beautiful piano track that you could only imagine yourself listening to in the rain while thinking about life in a deep manner. Klizzy - "ROCKSTAR LIVING" is a bit more of a tougher instrumental when its turned up, it hits you in the chest but has its emotional moments like the keys and guitar. Flapjaques x with me, with you - "it's getting dark" is something we call a late night single, its something that defintely hits harder at night time when you're alone and most vulnerable to your feelings. Last but not least we have the artist Wolf Morpheus close the day with not only one track, but three. Wulf Morpheus - "Signs" is more of a trip hop single with chops, and a bit of slop. "Hello My Old Friemd" is another single that the artists chops and puts nice nuances that make you want to listen yet again. To close the day we then have "Cosmos" a more up beat, four on the floor instrumental that feels just a bit house influenced, would we call this Lofi House? Lo-house? Listen below.


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