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The Best Of Lofi Volume 23

To begin the day on a high note we have MIKA HIO with "Departure Mh" an ambient single that is amazing on the mix, full and grasping. We then shortly have arthur yøu with "roots" an incredibly smooth, and respectable jazz single that delivers and hits in all the right places. Eastern Sage - "OOGWAY" is a calming single mostly led by piano, with a more laid back mix to ease the mind. We think oogway has to do with Kungfu panda... J SON - drunk (keshi Cover) is an amazing adaption from the original song drunk by j son. The single is led by a relaxing guitar. ThaHyst - "nature nap" is a relaxing track that is led by a smooth and ambient rhodes key that seems to give you hope with amazing drums. Messy Spells - "SONDER_" is a trippier record that involves some vocal involvements here and there and amazing synth chops. MicroCosmicOrbit - "Rain 88 bpm" starts off in a slow tone but then soon opens up to be an honest and loyal track that is reminiscent to the 90's with the vocal chops, and fat snare, and record scratching here. Stix Bones - "Flatbush Moonlight" is an amazing way to end the day on a high note with a record that is led by piano, but feels like its being played and developed more as we go along. Listen below.


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