The Best Of Lofi Volume 22

To begin the day off on a bright tone, we have Benny Brassic - "Kick Back The Future", a thick and well mixed track that features some horn sounds along with some of your usual Lofi sounds. A geniune 90's feel here with a clear and modern mix. IDS - "Trucchi" is a harder single and not so much lofi, but we felt the need to share the track because we were so obsessed over the vocals in the track, for background that is. Kloster - "Dimman Skingras", Kloster is someone we've shared before in our playlists, the artist does wonders with Jazz and being loyal to the Jazz sound. Ulle Kamelle - "(No) purpose In sight" is a relaxing single that involves a piano you could almost waltz too, until the hard drums come in and you start feeling it in your chest. The artist does wonders of involving outside elements like a guitar. Listen below for yourself.


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