The Best Of Lofi Volume 20

Updated: Apr 30

To begin the smooth afternoon we have MicroCosmicOrbit - "Stand Upright" delivering a chopped up, beat up single that makes you feel absolutely gritty and from the streets. We can only hear Big Pun on an instrumental like this. We then have Cloudchord - "Step by Step" delivering a more relaxing track full of guitar and secret nuances like percussions you have to listen closely too. Mashup & Cozy Condition - "Never Go Against Your Gut" is the most jazz infused single of the day with ties to literaly Jazz, what is the father of Lofi. Moncada Trio - "Be(Longing)" is another ambient single, reminiscent to the last, but more calm, cool and collected. Still loyal to the Jazz flavor. De Zelve - "HuForDu" is a track that is moody, slow but at the same time feels eager to make the listener feel grounded and truly calm. The slowness of the pads seem to slow the heart rate. To end the day on a high note we have Free the Robots delivering a more trip hop inspired sound with "Outta Sight" the single features the standard Rhodes keyboard but has changing nuances like the hats and bass. Listen below.


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