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The Best Of Lofi Volume 19

To begin the day on a high note we have Lil Baa - "Someone I Wish I Won't In The City", an ambient single that makes you truly feel connected in the enviorment you're in, while feeling like you're above in the clouds. Matteo Franchi - "Grow It Lush" is a single led by a soft piano, it feels like the artist is barely touching the keys, truly displaying the senetivity of the single. MKSTN - "Super Model" isn't our usual lofi beat with some jazz nuances. The pad here is luscious and ambient, and the loop with the soft bell sounds put you in a deep state of relaxation. Offset Beats - "Dancing on the Stars" is the most beat up instrumental we think in this round of sharing, the artist is loyal to the lofi genre with the heavy snare, and light ambience in background. Listen below.


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