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The Best Of Lofi Volume 18

To begin the night we have Alec Shea - "Night Coffee In Shinjuku" a single that puts you in a deep dream state with its ambient bells. Elijah Nang - "Wannabe cool" is a more relaxing single that has guitar involved and feels something more west coast. Tonion - "Assai" is a single that you simply feel in your chest with the awesome mix and hard hitting snare. Sam Ojalvo - "Bloom" is a single that has more trap influence inside of the guitar led single with an amazing thick, bright mix. Wulf Morpheus stuns us with "Spirit Gun" (feat. Suicune) a single that sounds like could make it in the cut for a transition in adult swim. Wulf Morpheus - "Brave" is a more relaxing trip hop single we think that is a smooth transition as the one previously mentioned, and then 3 for 3 with Wulf Morpheus - "Where dey at doe" (feat. Matthew Jamison) its wonderful that the artist has different mixes, because it makes you feel like youre in different enviorments. Ol Sto - "Sorrow" is an ambient single that makes you feel like youre at the edge of space. - "Colors" is a single that is very calming, and while we type this at night we think its a perfect morning single. kBeats x Picture Talk - "Underwater" is a single drenched in purely vibrations and moments that are never dull. Held By Trees - "Rain After Sun" is a deep and dark single that is very self descriptive upon listening, it truy sounds like rain after the sun. HART - "The Nature" is a single that yet again today sounds like it fits that commercial, Adult Swim, late night sound. The track features a very clear mix and awesome hints like the vocals. Human x JVMEZ - "Dust & ash" is something I would call trip hop, the vocals are trippy, the instrumental stems from hip hop and the ambience is on another level. Fifthstory Music - "Monterey Silver" is a great way to end the day with a single that is reminiscent to the 90's but if people in the 90's had laptops to make beats, imagine that, cripsy boom bap beats. Listen below.


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