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The Best Of Lofi Volume 17

To begin the night in a relaxing tone we have Pop Wallace with "The Birds", a single that is very reminiscent to an Adult Swim commercial, or transaction single. J. Depina - "HEARTACHE" is a nice and warm boom bap single that is reminiscent to the 90's. Dirty D x Dubl A x D. A on da Beat - "Orbital Velocity" is a lofi single that is more infused with the jazz sound featuring sax that will ease you into a deep sleep. Al Mur - "Day Off" - Original Mix is the most ambient single of the night, it makes you feel like you are on the edge of space and simply floating. gLife Beats - "Angry Birds Beat" feels like a free thinking, and mind knumbing instrumental that relaxes you and sets you in a clear thinking set of mind. DX-Digital x Omri Abramov - "Holiday Island" is a single that isnt in your usual lofi set but hearing the saxaphone on the song, we had to include it. This one was more vintage and reminsicent to the 80's. luke smith x Jackson Mathod - "The Resurrection" is the most jazzy single of the night, this is something that lofi is built on and the most loyal to the relaxing sound. We think this is the foundation and the reason for choosing it as our closing track for tonight.


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