The Best Of Lofi Volume 16

Another day another dollar. Today we begin with ERAAN - "OUT OF THE DARKNESS" a new artist / producer on our radar that we are so greatful for discovering. The instrumentals are so much like 90's DJ Premiere. Flapjaques - "stopafterstop" gives us a more loyal to the sound, lofi instrumental that features luscious keys, or dream keys. dream tax x jives - "Alone In The Car" is a thick, and ambient single that makes us feel like we can float. gLife Beats - "Drop Top On Key" is a boom bap track more than anything, a sound loyal to the early 00's. Stix Bones - "Brooklyn Ryders" is a simplistic instrumental that makes you feel like you're in the medium, just in a relaxed state of calm. Jomy - "Slow down" feels like a relaxing west coast record with the bass and riffs inside. Miami73 deliverss with "Happy Whales" featuring a nice rhodes key with some easy going drums. Northern Disco Nights - "Survivor Islands" is one of the most ambient singles we'll have today that features a nice sub bass and four on the floor sound. Soni Mind - "Pahgre (Alt)" features easy going synths that creep up on you and some soul cleansing guitar riffs. finipere x Eyesoh - "Lucia" is a great instrumental that features a very clear mix and amazing nuances like the bakground vocals. Three Colored Squares - "See You" relaxes with a nice and thin mix with another four on the floor record here for you today, the repetetive pad will have you in a hypnotic state. Lastly we have Soulful Playground with "Expression" the single is one that is reminiscent to Greaf, its a darker instrumental that still has color. We're obsessed with the vocal chops. Listen below.


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