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The Best Of Lofi Volume 15

To begin the lofi night we introduce Snake Villain with his astonishing track "Me & You" we always have had a love for lofi and he sets the tone immediately, with smooth instrumentation and added vocals that just combine perfectly with the track, it's hard to resist. Continuing on we have Genta with "I Can't Blame You" it's presented with a story of the idea of wanting to blame someone for leaving your life (whether that be from the loss of life or loss of love), but instead coming to an acceptance that you can't blame them and it is just the course of life, even though it's a short track you can grasp the meaning of how he was trying to project it, it gets a hold of your feelings and it really makes you think. Carrying on we have Syndrome with his astounding single "idk why" it's a smooth melodic track that comes to the terms of realizing why these things happen to you, you don't know why even though it's a soft melancholy lofi track it definitely takes you into that space of possibly asking why. SensiKid comes in with a nostalgic track called "Cruising" I can definitely vibe to this while taking a drive during sunset, even though it doesn't have lyrics the instrumentation speaks for itself. Tesk carries on the night with "Glow" it certainly refreshes the mind and brings positives thoughts into count, it would be perfect for some added energy with your morning coffee, and an extra bounce in your daily walk. Angry Apple certainly grasped us with "low wave" it's so fascinating even us having a love for lofi this track surely takes the cake, it has a such genuine lofi sound that would be hard to miss out on. Ending the night we have Johnboybeats and Plon B. with their single "Walk In The Woods" the title expresses itself entirely and presents a smooth jam that will surely have you hooked, I can't say more for these tracks they just all certainly speak for themselves and if your looking for new lofi tracks to add to your playlist you have come to the right spot. Go stream!


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