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The Best Of Lofi Volume 14

To begin the evening we have JD BASSY - "WAKE UP" a hard hitting single that is reminiscent to the early days of cloud rap. Then we have suncream - "Agonda", not your typical lofi single but the pads are simply brain washing. David Walke - "Streamline" is loyal to the jazz sound with some awesome synth riffs. Forbidden Planets - "Unknown Plains" the single is exactly how it sounds, like youre stuck in space somewhere you just shouldnt be, there is mystery behind the single. GaryOAKland - "Palm Springs" features chops that make your foot want to keep tapping. Painted Lake - "Dreams" is a single that makes you feel like you're in the cold, but not the freezing cold, just a cool space where you can think freely and the wind hits you just perfect. MAT - "Sensual Feeling" is a slow track that makes you feel like you're inside and un escapable void. Hoppin' Juice - "Off We Go" is a relaxing single that has more modern drums in it with the hi hats and snare especially but the luscious keys does everything justice. heavy silk - "forgotten secrets" is the most ambient track of the night we think, repetetive and making you think very deep thoughts. Pier 74 - "Colors" displays a very colorful and thick mix on the drums in his single, they hit you but don't feel too loud, just right. CaliCronk x Flapjaques - "Whispers" is a slow one by one of our favorites, CaliCronk. The single features slow and well thought out chord proggressions and hard hitting drums and nuances that delight you with headphones on. Rel McCoy - "Call Me Crazy" takes us back to the 90's with some beat up drums and smooth keys for the foudndation of the single. Oddability x Beat fanatics - "Views From My Window" is one that sounds like you've probably heard on Chill Cow or Lofi Girl. The single is almost absolutely perfect and not over done, but not the most simple beat in the world either. You'll love the flavor of guitar here which we think makes up for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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