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The Best Of Lofi Volume 13

To begin the night peacfully first we have Cloudchord - "Sundays", giving us peaceful vibrations up and down with a smooth guitar led single here that brings us chills. Next we have SensiKid - "Sky High", a single that is more ambience focused with its pad giving foundation for the beat, then the drums remind us of early Cloud Rap. lukayo - "Purple Skies" is a single that is calming, but has bass as well that will just make you bop your head at the pace of the songs bpm. C Y G N - "Lose Her Way" is the single most loyal to the Lofi genre big time with the guitars that drench in reverb and have different effects through out the whole instrumental. The drums are nice, thick but muddy as well and it feels like the 90's, but if the 90's kids could make hits with $200 laptops back then. 88NOIZ - "Lucid Dreams" is a single that sounds exactly like the title. The single makes you feel empowered for some odd reason, it can't just be us but the nice and luscious, very wet guitars simply make you day dream here. JazzyHan - "Dreaming" is another relaxing single today that we couldn't wait to write about, and can't wait to sleep to as well. The chops feel very well resolved here and it makes up for a great sound that would fit in an adult swim spot. The Oth3rs - "Muddy Coherence" is the single with the most modern drums in it but nontheless we enjoy it the same with todays session, the cool progression in the guitar makes us feel like we are plotting or up to something which we think makes up for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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