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The Best Of Lofi Volume 12

First up we have Giuseppe Paradiso & Meridian 71 -"Memories of the Future," it has an amazing opening, which to us sounds like its an opening to a movie from the days of the past. Its quite emotional as well and we think it simply makes up for a great opening for todays post. We then have Fifthstory Music - "More Palm Trees" a more loyal to the sound, lofi instrumental that features a grooving drum break and amazing intriquite moments like the piano in reverse, at least thats what it sounds like to us. Eastern Sage relaxes us with "Koyo" a very ethnical single that is reminiscent of Asia, with the flutes and air instruments in the single we get very much so mesmorized. Lastly we have Roy Bing x Olive Amun - "Dosey Doe" (feat. BOI) the single has vocals here but we felt the need to share because of how luscious everything was and how everything was so coherent to eachother, both the vocals and the beat which we think makes up for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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