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The Best Of Lofi Beats Volume 7

Another day, another dollar, and another set of fire beats. We start off the day today with Kind & Kinky Zoo giving us "Genki Dane", a funky instrumental that defintely makes us feel like we're tigers in the jungle, but in the 70's. Next Max I Million gives us a more laid back and loyal to the jazzy sound track with "A Vibe Called Blessed" that features an amazing pause in the single. NZ6 beats things up with "Pulpie" giving some modern drive flavor into the mix as some spice on this spicy beat. Topnachbeats - Never (Astral22 Remix) (Remix by Astral22 ) starts off in an ambient pace and simply brings you that west coast vibe right in the comfort of your home. SensiKid - "I wonder what you think at night" gives an amazing closing theme with the perspective of wondering what your crush is thinking about, you would only hope its about you wouldnt it, so it translates in the sonics. To end the day off nicely we then have Bam Peesly with "subtlety" which gives you nostalgia vibrations all over the body upon listening, the bells, pads and reverse instrument driving the single is simply mind bending which we think makes up for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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