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The Best Of Lofi Beats Volume 4

To start off the day we have Malana with "Flowers N That", a bass driven boom bap beat that gets your head moving instantly, and during the calming parts you stop for a rest until you're back at it again. Next, Mat delivers with "Keys Of Emotion", a track led by a beat up piano and makes you go "ah, thats why its titled this". Stardog Lofi, Lost Files - "Her Laugh", is a more distorted and beat up track that makes you feel like you're in a dream realm. Luigi Vittore - "Alive", may be the darkest beat you'll hear for the day. After recently watching The Batman, this instrumental makes you feel like if Bruce Wayne wasn't a rich guy, what if he had to be The Batman with the money the rest of us has, weird, but interesting thought. Tanoshi - "skyloft ~ zelda lofi (Mahito Yokota Cover)", makes you feel as though you're floating up towards an abyss, but this abyss turns into bright light as you get closer. Jomy with "Speedracer" is a track that stands out as it is the most trap influenced one here with the tight and bright hi hats. Vincent Adara - "Marble", is an ambient track led by pads and synths alike with an amazing drop that hits you in the soul as vintage strings creep in. currently,jack with his track "dreaming" is quite interesting, combining sounds of the 80's with the dx7 and an older sounding set of instruments like what sounds like a trombone in which we think makes up for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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