The Best Of Lofi Beats Volume 2

To begin the night we start off with Black Catt - "25 at Midnight", to us its not truly lofi with the usual jazz influence but it defintely had late night vibes to us, and then we have +2 Initiative "Lassi Gose" to deliver us the usual sounds we hear at this time a night with very personal drums, after that is Dōshin with "6th St"delivering us vibes with an ambient piano / bell for the drive of the single with a nice 90's drum feel, and then gLife Beats bringing "Beneath The Moon Waves" with a different yet hypnotizing flavor and finally Broken Pupil - "Fields" (feat. Rosarrie, Winter Foe) delivers with effects and emotion along with a strumming guitar melody and loop, a track with vocals and not neccesarilly and lofi beat on its own, but it makes for a perfect way, to close the day. Listen below on this playlist.


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