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Teotima - "Orange Lamps"

Welcoming "Orange Lamps" by Teotima, a captivating addition to the adult contemporary and jazz genres, enriched with nuances of Nu Jazz and Jazztronica. This track is a perfect blend of chill, sexy, and epic moods, making it a delightful listen for fans of Kokoroko, The Cinematic Orchestra, Roberta Flack, Maria Chiara Argirò, and Yussef Dayes.

"Orange Lamps" is distinguished by the enchanting vocal talents of InMiriam (Eleanor Rose Rusbridge), whose voice floats effortlessly over a sumptuous, all-live instrumental backdrop that harks back to the 70s. The track is a rich tapestry of sound, featuring deep, resonant chords and nimble arrangements of brass and strings. These elements work in harmony to bring out the poignancy and depth of the lyrics. Teotima, an ever-evolving ensemble, is a collective of some of the finest musicians in London's vibrant alternative-jazz scene. Led by guitarist and composer Greg Sanders, the group skillfully blends elements of spiritual jazz, combining gut-wrenching songwriting with joyful improvisation. We think this one is an exemplary showcase of how jazz and its related genres can be both deeply expressive and immensely enjoyable. Whether it's the orange hues of the cover art or the colorful music that draws you in, "Orange Lamps" is a must-listen for anyone seeking a chill, sexy, and epic musical experience.


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