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Tendts - "Bronze Hands"

Tendts, the enigmatic electronic trio hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, has been making waves in the music scene with their unique blend of soft rock, new wave, and krautrock influences. Their instrumental track "Bronze Hands" is a testament to their innovative sound, a fusion of genres that's as captivating as it is mood-altering.

With moods ranging from happy and chill to moody, Tendts' music is a sonic journey that transcends boundaries. Fans of Talking Heads, !!!, El Michels Affair, Idjut Boys, and Smith & Mudd will find themselves right at home in Tendts' musical universe.

In 2019, Tendts released their EP "Cosmic Swimmer" via San Francisco's Public Release, a release that caught the attention of none other than Belgium's legendary Soulwax, who took on the task of remixing it. This collaboration marked a turning point for the trio, setting the stage for their forthcoming album, "Aquarius 3," set to drop on October 20th.

"Aquarius 3" signifies a transition in Tendts' sound, moving away from electro-disco 4/4 jams to embrace a more analog and polyrhythmic approach. Drawing inspiration from the disco punk vibes of !!!'s "Louden Up Now" (2004) and Talking Heads' artistic pop era during "Speaking In Tongues," Tendts' evolution promises to be a thrilling ride for both old and new fans alike.

Tendts, consisting of Chris, Fotis, and Elias, describe themselves as "Three Aquarius that make music that you can dance to, or not!" Their live performances, executed by the "Pleiadian Power Trio," are a blend of psychedelic, space disco, African acid, and rave that will blow your mind and move your feet. With a multifaceted musical universe that unfolds through congas, synths, guitars, and drum machines, Tendts take audiences on an intergalactic journey to discover "THE cosmic truth."

These musical pioneers have already made their mark on the European music scene, sharing stages with renowned artists such as Tim Sweeney, Daphni, Death in Vegas, Palmbomen II, BadBadNotGood, oOoOO, Kink, and more. Their live performances at various festivals, including the prestigious Sonar Festival, solidify their status as We Are Europe affiliates.

Not only do Tendts create music, but they also share their passion and insights with the world through their Paranoise Radio show, "Monthly Residency," which has been running for five years. Every month, between 20:00-22:00 (GMT+2), they curate and discuss music, providing listeners with a deeper glimpse into their musical journey.

Tendts' upcoming album, "Aquarius 3," promises to be a transformative experience, a testament to their ever-evolving sound, and a reflection of their boundless creativity. So, if you're ready to embark on a musical odyssey that defies conventions and explores uncharted territories, hop on board with Tendts, and discover "THE cosmic truth" for yourself.


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