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Temple Monarc - "I’m Coming Over"

Introducing "I’m Coming Over" by Temple Monarc, a track that's quickly becoming a fan favorite with its hard-hitting classic rock sound, enriched by a unique world influence. This song, representing the darker and heavier side of the rock band, is a powerful addition to their repertoire, reminiscent of the energy and style of artists like Rival Sons. The primary mood of "I’m Coming Over" is a dynamic mix of energetic, aggressive, and dark tones. It's a track that captures the essence of classic rock with a modern twist, delivering a sound that's both familiar and fresh. The world music influences add a unique layer to the song, creating a sound that's not just heard but felt. As a staple in their current live shows, "I’m Coming Over" showcases Temple Monarc's ability to pack a punch with their music. The song's live performance is known for its intensity and power, making it a memorable experience for audiences. Temple Monarc has successfully captured the spirit of classic rock while infusing their music with a distinct flavor. "I’m Coming Over" is valid statement, showcasing the band's talent for creating music that's both impactful and deeply resonant. Listen to see what we mean.


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