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Telica x Doctor Gosso & the Samplers x Southsidefinn x Max McKensie - "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out)

Get ready to groove to the infectious beats of "FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)" by Telica x Doctor Gosso & the Samplers x Southsidefinn x Max McKensie. Released under The Doctor Gosso Collective, this track is a fresh blend of Funk, Lo-fi Hip-Hop, and Conscious Hip-Hop that's sure to captivate your senses.

This tune has a unique story. It was born during a series of gigs in the heart of summer, where it struck a chord with the audience, becoming somewhat of an anthem. The collective decided to capture the magic and release it to a wider audience. The result is a track that feels "live," pulsating with the energy of those unforgettable summer nights.

"FOMO" isn't just any song; it's a musical journey into a common yet relatable emotion—the fear of missing out. We've all been there, right? Those times when your friends are out having the time of their lives, while you're at home, contemplating life's choices. The feeling of missing out on an epic event, or worse, the possibility of your pals bumping into Ryan Gosling and Cristiano Ronaldo simultaneously while you're Netflix-and-chilling. The struggle is real, and this funky hip-hop track brilliantly captures that essence.

Pavel Telica, the jazz guitarist and music producer behind this project, is no stranger to crafting musical experiences that transcend genres. As part of Doctor Gosso & the Samplers, he's known for his jazz-infused take on hip hop. His self-taught, multi-instrumental prowess shines through in the smooth summer grooves he creates. Telica's music has been recognized by Jazz UK, Focus Flow, and Fresh Finds UK, with numerous appearances on BBC Radio London.

But Telica is more than just a musician; he's also a passionate advocate for the future of music tech and the streaming economy. His involvement in projects like the Jazz Hip Hop Dispensary playlist network and the IMA music data startup reflects his dedication to shaping the music industry's future.

So, if you're ready to embrace the vibe of "FOMO," take a listen and let the funky rhythms and jazzy touches transport you into the world of Telica x Doctor Gosso & the Samplers x Southsidefinn x Max McKensie. Don't worry about the fear of missing out; this track ensures you won't miss out on musical excellence. Listen below.


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