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Telepathic Nomads - "Spat Out Onto The Motorway"

Welcoming Telepathic Nomads with their instrumental piece, "Spat Out Onto The Motorway." In the realm of smoother relaxing synthwave tracks, this track takes you on a sonic journey reminiscent of a video game adventure, blending the vibrant hues of synthwave with a touch of Krautrock.

The instrumental composition weaves a tale that feels remarkably video game-like, conjuring images of pixelated landscapes and virtual quests. There's a unique charm that emanates from the underlying feel, evoking a sense of nostalgia kind of similar to stepping into a Pokémon game—where each note is a step towards an unknown, yet exciting, destination. The producer, Telepathic Nomads, remains enigmatic, allowing the music to speak volumes about their creative prowess. The instrumental is not merely a composition; it's a palette of colors that paints a vivid sonic canvas. As the track progresses, it becomes apparent that Telepathic Nomads excels in delivering not just notes but emotions. The color within the instrumental creates a tapestry that, in its simplicity, manages to relax and captivate the listener. It's a sonic retreat into a world where happiness and energy flow seamlessly through the experimental currents. Listen below now!


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