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Tayo Sound With His Bubbly Track "Someone New"

Upcoming artist Tayo Sound was typically always working around 10 hours a day in his hometown of Reading, England. Now this 18 year old Nigerian Scottish songwriter who known performs under the the name Tayo Sound has geared up for the release of his debut EP with con-signs from indie tastemakers as well as other industry's. Growing up in a church setting where long sets and instrumental interludes were his introduction to music, his older brother’s ringtone was the first time he heard a 3-minute long pop song. Fascinated, Tayo dedicated himself to learning the art of songwriting and became an enthusiast for music discovery in the process. Passionate about exploring various music cultures and scenes around the world, his influences and taste run in variations.

With his newest single "Someone New" he projects a catchy and bubbly track. Starting with a groovy beat leading onto his soft and capturing vocals. There something special in this track that just makes you wanna smile and just dance. While watching the sunset at the beach or just taking a drive through the night it's a perfect catchy track to sing along to. To explain this track further it's about coming out of a relationship and how you might not actually be ready to find “someone new”, something I think most of us would have experiences at a point in our lives. Go stream "Someone New" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.






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