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Tara Trudel - Not A Villain Song (feat. Ashley Nicole Black, Chelsea Devantez, and Niccole Thurman)

Tara Trudel, a versatile songwriter and composer hailing from Los Angeles, has struck a unique chord with her latest release, "Not A Villain Song." This track, brought to life by the vocal talents of Emmy winner Ashley Nicole Black, Emmy nominee Chelsea Devantez, and Niccole Thurman, offers a fresh perspective on the often-misunderstood world of villains. Trudel's work, released under the label Completely Abridged, melds elements of retro soul and contemporary R&B, all while adding a dash of comedy to the mix.

In a musical landscape where genres often stay within their lanes, Tara Trudel breaks boundaries. Her fusion of retro soul and contemporary R&B sets the stage for a unique listening experience. "Not A Villain Song" is more than just a catchy tune; it's a clever exploration of power and perception. With vocals that shine courtesy of Ashley Nicole Black, Chelsea Devantez, and Niccole Thurman, the song offers a fresh perspective: powerful doesn't always equate to evil.

Trudel's journey to music wasn't a direct one. She began her career teaching music to young minds in Chicago, collaborating with renowned institutions like The Merit School of Music and Chicago Public Schools. Her passion for music education even led her to perform her students' compositions alongside world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma as a teaching artist for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

However, Tara's artistic path took a different turn when she joined the Second City Touring Company as a Music Director, traveling across the country to share her musical talents. Her compositions have been showcased in prestigious venues and platforms, including SXSW, Amazon Prime, Sony's Voces Nuevas, and Vulture's Best Comedy Shorts Of The Year. Her exceptional scoring for Chelsea Devantez's short film "BASIC" was not only recognized but celebrated with awards from the LA Film Awards and the Festigious International Film Festival.

Tara Trudel's artistic versatility extends beyond music and into the world of literature. She crafts theme songs for children's books, including one for Amy Krouse Rosenthal's NY Times bestselling "UNI THE UNICORN."

If you're looking for a unique blend of musical genres, clever comedy, and a fresh perspective on storytelling through music, Tara Trudel's work is a must-listen. Her debut album, "FRACTURED: FAIRY TALES REMIXED," which dropped in May 2023, is a testament to her creative prowess. And for those who crave a visual component to their music, the visual album companion, released on October 13, 2023, promises to be a captivating audio-visual journey.

Tara Trudel is undoubtedly an artist to keep on your radar, as she continues to push the boundaries of creativity in music, comedy, and storytelling. Listen below.


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