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Tahira - "Muffin"

For her first project Tahira the Canadian singer/songwriter wants to show the world her versatility, and her perseverance through her 6 song EP “Purpose”. While growing up in London, Ontario, Tahira quickly learned that navigating life and relationships wasn’t an easy thing to do. While expressing herself in person was somewhat challenging, the right words just seemed to flow to her whenever she was in the booth. "Muffin" starts off in a quite inteeresting way that already makes you bop your head intensly until the vocals come in and you're focused in. The artist is very reminiscent to Kehlani on the vocal side we think. The artist does absolute work on devouring this hard instrumental that has what sounds like reese bass to deliver that dark feeling of the late night. We hope to hear more from Tahira in the future. Listen below.


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