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T. Rich Ft. Kasher Quon - "No Jumper" Is A Must Watch

Detroit native & Atlanta resident T. Rich has been releasing music since he was a teenager. He waited his turn for his time to come & that time is now. Releasing "No Jumper" along side Kasher Quon. The music video is something awesome, and funny as HELL. With production from producer ATM Krown, It stars abruptly with a melodic guitar to accompany the two rappers gracefully. In the music video it shows T. Rich and Kasher Quon in different sceneries with greenscreen, giving us a perfect decryption of what the two artists are saying within the music. Without thinking too much and listening to the record, personally, I had no idea what to expect for the record, but, I was in for a surprise.

Kasher Quon gives us humor in his writing, reminiscent to Teejayx6. "I gotta get up and get money cause time is ticking, this n**** just had a rolex, that was tickin. I told the little b**** I wanna f*** it ain't no chillin. I was finna fuck f*** that lil hoe, she smell like chillins." Kasher Quon has collaborated with Teejayx6 in fact. The record is both artists rapping lines, by lines with each other. To me, what's interesting is how T. Rich sounds like he's in the cut, with his almost Pusha T style of vocals or writing to me. He sounds like a serious guy but he definitely shows that he's laid back and has artistic vision with how loose he looks in the video. It's a must listen, watch the video now.




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