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SynthPrincipal - "Eulogy" (Remix by vylt )

Welcoming vylt with his remix of SynthPrincipal - "Eulogy)" a track that takes the essence of dark synthwave and cyberpunk to a whole new level. Released by Principal Records, this remix is an electrifying journey through sound, perfect for fans of Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and DEADLIFE.

The track is reminiscent of deadmau5 but with a more aggressive edge. "Eulogy" is a masterpiece of emotional, melodic ideas set in a cyberpunk universe. The track starts to pick up at 0:48, building up to a powerful crescendo at 2:04, and reaching a climactic finale at 3:11. The journey through "Eulogy" is a rollercoaster of dark, epic, and energetic moods.

The remix by vylt brings a new dimension to SynthPrincipal's work. It features dazzling retro 80's synths, addictive 8-bit chiptune trills, and dark, brooding synth basslines. The addition of creepy bells and reverb-heavy guitars enhances the track's harsh yet ethereal atmosphere, making it feel like you're floating through the dark, beautiful void of space towards an unknown world. This track is more than just a remix; it's a transformation. vylt has taken the original essence of "Eulogy" and infused it with his unique style, making it his own. The result is a synthwave track that perfectly balances the rush of glory with dark tones of grief, leaving listeners mesmerized by its intensity and depth. Listen now.


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