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Synth Esthetics - “In And Out Of Love”

Band Synth Esthetics has recently released their latest single "In and Out of Love". The track is a synth alternative pop rock tune with a sweet 80's vibe. The song tells a story about a difficult relationship with its ups and downs.

The track opens with a driving, upbeat instrumental that sets the mood for the rest of the song. Synth Esthetics' vocals are smooth and melodic, adding a sense of sweetness to the track. The lyrics speak to the complexities of relationships, with lines like "It's a roller coaster ride/ In and out of love/ We go round and round/ Never knowing what we'll find".

One of the standout aspects of "In and Out of Love" is its 80's vibe. The track has a nostalgic, retro feel that will transport the listener back in time. The synth-heavy instrumentation adds to the track's nostalgic feel, while the upbeat tempo will have the listener moving along to the beat.

Overall, "In and Out of Love" is a fantastic single from Synth Esthetics. The track is a synth-heavy pop rock tune with a sweet 80's vibe that tells a relatable story about the ups and downs of relationships. We can't wait to hear more from this talented band.


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