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Sy Franco With Her Upbeat Track "Focus" (Remix by Jx )

Upcoming artist Sy Franco is a Mexican American singer, songwriter, and actor. Her career began at age 11 when she started vocal and acting training at the Dream Factory, a young conservatory located in Studio City, California. In her journey, she has had the pleasure to work as a session singer for countless music studios across Los Angeles, including Paramount Recording Group’s Paramount, Encore, and Ameraycan studios. She has performed as a session singer at Dark Child Studios with some of the best in the industry, performed with hip hop band Beyond Kings. Franco has experience teaching and coaching, both privately and at Musician’s Institute. Following the release of her newest single "Focus", she projects a very vibrant track that will definitely captivate your ears. Beginning with upbeat instrumentation leading onto her sweet and luscious vocals she completes the track fully. Explaining the single further it's a fun and energetic mental health anthem for those cutting ties with toxic relationships. An upbeat yet honest and vulnerable song about putting yourself first. To the vocals and production, this track will surely have you dancing. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Focus" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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