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SUPER FREDDY & KOSI - "Seul Au Monde"

Introducing SUPER FREDDY & KOSI with the latest single "Seul Au Monde". Not much is known about the musicians at this time we think. We are grasped by the single here though and felt the need to share. The artist' tell us "Seul au Monde is a song that emerged from the anxiety and realizations that I have been going through during this pandemic. With the world shutting down during a time where I was living in a new place, far away from my home, friends, and family, I felt more alone than ever and was forced to come to terms with my own demons and insecurities in order to keep moving forward." The single to us is quite the emotional one we think. The artist just doesnt hold back here within the single, there is substance here. The writing is just deep here we think and we really feel the emotion though the vocals here. The beat as well is extremely well done with its color. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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