Sunny Riot With "Here Now"

Electro-pop artist Sunny Riot shared his new single "Here Somehow" from his upcoming EP Cultivate the Silence due July 30. The song portrays Sunny's struggle with depression, addiction and his battle to find meaning and inner peace. An entreaty written to himself, Sunny put the song away for years...until now. Many artists attempt at some point to take the past, drag it into the present, and rip it apart so they can break free of it for the future. Sunny spent his childhood in and out of hospitals with a condition that, at the time, claimed the lives of most that were afflicted with it. He spent his teen years trying to drown out those memories with anything he could get his hands on. Like many a conflicted and twisted young person, he channeled this torment into dark poetry, fleshing it into heavy acoustic songs. In a time when songs are so often written by committee, Sunny Riot’s music is a taste of authenticity, grit and stark personal narrative, crafted straight from his experience and motivation - visceral for the listener and cathartic for the writer. Although today he’s clean and sober, father to a toddler and living in LA, the journey that got Sunny here is deeply ingrained in his songs and vision - as well as the bubbling intensity behind everything he does. The single to us sounds like redemption, or getting back on the more right path towards light and good will. The subject of actually being "here now" is very deep with its meaning, before a certain time Sunny Riot wasn't entirely here, listen to his story below.