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Sunnbrella - "Fever Dream"

Sunnbrella began life as little more than the lo-fi bedroom pop project of Prague-born, London-based David Zbirka in 2018. He released his debut single ‘Feelin’ Invisible’ which was produced alongside LA-based musician Eyedress (Lex Records) and then 'Wanted Time', the band's debut EP was released in early 2019. The single "Fever Dream" starts off with a very nostalgic pad that gives a great intro to the single, and then we hear a shaker that makes us wonder if this is your ordinary pop single, and the answer to the question is simply, no. Sunnbrella does wonders of re-introducing the Y2K sound of the late 90's and early 2000's. The instrumental is reminiscent to some of Pierce Brosnan bond themes. The artist amazingly does wonders and is reminiscent to artist Bones. Listen below.


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