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SUMMORE - "Dust"

In Electro Pop and Indie Electronic, there lies an enigmatic duo known as SUMMORE. With a touch of Gothic and Dark Wave influences, their music delves into moody, dark, and energetic territories. Fans of Boy Harsher, Fever Ray, The Knife, Ladytron, and Portishead are sure to find solace in their haunting melodies.

But behind the mesmerizing soundscapes lies a profound and tragic tale that forever changed SUMMORE's trajectory. After a dark night of performing music, their lives took an unexpected turn when a drunk driver smashed into their parked car while they were eating in a Waffle House parking lot in Columbus, Ohio. The horrifying incident left them with a total of 40 broken bones, a chilling reminder of the fragility of life.

"Dust," their haunting track, serves as a powerful reflection of this life-altering event. Juxtaposing melodic synths, danceable beats, and melancholy lyrics, the song chronicles the story that left an indelible mark on SUMMORE. Through their music, they pour their hearts out, creating a sound that is brooding and hypnotic, drawing listeners into a state of meditation and self-reflection.

We think as a dark synth-pop duo, SUMMORE, comprised of Julie on vocals and lyrics, and Justin on synth and production, crafts a unique sonic landscape. Listen below!


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