Stray Local "Featherweight"

Stray Local is the husband-and-wife songwriting duo of Jamie Rowen and Hannah Lomas based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The pair performs a bouquet of indie sounds punctuated by well-crafted vocal melodies, catchy guitar riffs, and rich harmonies woven together with hints of their folk beginnings and pop sensibilities. Since the band's formation, Stray Local, has performed internationally in Germany, France, Spain, Canada and across the United Kingdom and have recently completed their first coast to coast national "Run Wild" tour combining the couples passion for music and running. Featherweight is about the continuous fight with anxiety but the determination to beat it, "I'm a featherweight, but I'm a fighter". Many of us struggle with overwhelming anxiety and living through this global pandemic has heightened many of those feeling for myself personally. In the bridge you can feel the swirling sense of stress closing in as the incessant background vocals chant in stereo, but the determination of the subject bursts through the center as the lead vocal exclaims, "I may be down but don't count me out!" Relatable to so many, we hope "Featherweight" can be uplifting to those who face anxiety and mental health issues. The single to us is very full and the instrumental is beautiful and thick. Everything aside from mixing and mastering was done by the duo. I can't exactly put my fingers on who the duo sounds like but that's also a good thing as well I would say with their unique sounds working together as one, listen below.


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