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Still Talk - "Move to L.A."

Still Talk, a 5-piece alternative rock band from Cologne, Germany, has recently released their latest single "Move to L.A." under the hithome label. The song explores themes of naive dreams, self-doubt, and making excuses. Despite the band's struggles, they managed to produce a powerful and energetic track.

Still Talk's sound is a unique blend of pop-punk, emo, and pop, reminiscent of Avril Lavigne, The Hotelier, and Smash Mouth. Their debut album is said to be filled with catchy hooks and infectious melodies that will leave listeners wanting more.

The band members, Tanja Kührer, Kevin Wößner, Lucas Braun, Ben Blume, and Micha Röhrig, have a deep appreciation for their friendships and relationships, which is evident in their music. "Headcheck," the first single off their upcoming album, is a tribute to their bond as a band.

Many live shows are already planned in Germany for the upcoming year, and Still Talk is eager to bring their energetic and powerful songs to the stage. Their ability to balance different genres and create a unique sound has earned them a growing fanbase, and their debut album is highly anticipated.

"Move to L.A." is a must-listen for fans of alternative rock, pop-punk, and emo. With its raw and emotional lyrics and upbeat instrumentals, it's a perfect example of Still Talk's ability to create powerful and relatable music.


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