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Stereov - “This Fabulous Journey”

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

A handful of years ago, a young artist named Stereov found himself captivated by the electronic music of Avicii and Nicky Romero. The infectious beats and melodic tunes resonated deeply within him, igniting a passion that would shape his musical journey. However, simply listening to their music wasn't enough for Stereov. He yearned to create his own songs and delve into the realm of music production. Thus, Stereov embarked on his musical quest, writing his very first songs. However, his path wasn't without its twists and turns. He found himself starting and stopping with music, experiencing bouts of uncertainty and doubt along the way. This ebb and flow became a defining characteristic of his artistic process. With each hiatus, Stereov discovered the need to learn and adapt, leading him to explore various approaches to his craft. Through this journey, Stereov realized that mistakes could be transformed into something beautiful. He found that these missteps infused a touch of love into his songs, adding depth and character. In an intriguing twist, he began watching tutorials only to deliberately do the opposite of what was advised. While this unconventional approach may not have provided immediate solutions, it led him to discover unique techniques and small "anti-tips" that he still incorporates into his music today.

Eventually, after his eleventh hiatus, Stereov found himself drifting away from electronic music. He sought solace in different genres, including rock, blues, jazz, and even classical music. Among them, punk resonated deeply with him, with bands like Sum 41, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Die Ärzte serving as major sources of inspiration. However, despite his divergence, Stereov ultimately found his way back to electronic music—a genre that he couldn't resist. In the present day, Stereov draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists such as Gunship, Tycho, Lorn, Rogue VHS, The Toxic Avenger, M83, Kavinsky, admo, and The Glitch Mob. These electronic musicians fuel his creative fire, providing him with new perspectives and ideas. Recently, Stereov released his newest single, titled "This Fabulous Journey." The genesis of this track can be traced back to a fortuitous discovery. When Stereov stumbled upon Arturia's V-Collection, he found a software version of the Mellotron sampler, including the iconic flute preset that the Beatles used in their song "Strawberry Fields Forever." Enchanted by this nostalgic sound, he knew he had to incorporate it into one of his own compositions. Driven by this newfound inspiration, Stereov set out to create a piece that exuded positivity and nostalgia. Through experimentation, he crafted a composition that evoked the image of strolling through the Shire, accompanied by a delightful flute melody. This imagery ultimately led to the song's title, "This Fabulous Journey." To further enhance the track, Stereov blended in classical Synthwave stab and bass sounds, skillfully combining elements from different musical realms. The result was a beautiful fusion of genres, a testament to Stereov's ability to mold diverse influences into a cohesive musical expression. "This Fabulous Journey" stands as one of Stereov's favorite tracks to date, capturing the essence of his artistic vision. Its aim is to transport listeners to a place of joy and nostalgia, drawing upon the magic of the past while infusing it with contemporary electronic elements. Stereov's artistic odyssey is one characterized by resilience, experimentation and an unwavering passion for music. Through countless ups and downs, he has honed his skills, drawing from a wide spectrum of genres and artists. With each endeavor, he pushes boundaries, embraces imperfections, and crafts melodies that resonate with the soul. As Stereov continues to evolve and explore new sonic territories, we eagerly await the next chapter of his musical adventure.


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