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Stereov - "Tears in the Rain"

Stereov's Tears in the Rain is a hauntingly beautiful synthwave track that seamlessly blends dark and romantic moods. It's the result of a unique challenge that the artist took on - to create music using only open source software. Despite the limitations, Stereov was able to create a captivating and mesmerizing piece of music that showcases his creativity and talent.

The track is reminiscent of the synthwave genre, with its dreamy and atmospheric soundscape. The use of synthesizers and electronic beats creates a futuristic and otherworldly feel, while the nostalgic melodies evoke a sense of longing and melancholy. The title itself, Tears in the Rain, is a nod to the iconic monologue from the classic sci-fi film Blade Runner, further emphasizing the futuristic and dystopian themes present in the track.

Stereov's music is influenced by other artists in the synthwave genre such as S U R V I V E, Volkor X, and DEADLIFE. However, his unique approach to music production sets him apart from his peers. The decision to use only open source software was challenging, but it allowed Stereov to explore his creativity and experiment with different tools and techniques.

Stereov's journey with music has been an interesting one, starting with his love for electronic music after being introduced to Avicii and Nicky Romero. However, he didn't stick with it consistently, often stopping and starting again. This has allowed him to see different approaches to music production and learn from his mistakes. In fact, he even looks for inspiration in doing the opposite of what tutorials suggest, which shows his unconventional approach to music-making.

Aside from synthwave, Stereov's music taste is eclectic, drawing inspiration from rock, blues, jazz, classical, and punk genres. This diversity in taste is reflected in his music, which incorporates elements from various genres to create a unique sound.

In conclusion, Stereov's Tears in the Rain is a standout track that showcases his creativity and unique approach to music production. His use of open source software and limited resources only serves to highlight his talent as a musician. With influences from various genres and a willingness to experiment with his craft, it's exciting to see what Stereov will come up with next.

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