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Stefano Pesapane - "Bella Come Il Sole"

Stefano Pesapane is an Italian musician and producer, currently based in the Netherlands. He started playing the drums at a young age and has played in various venues, clubs, and bars throughout his career. He has also worked as a session musician for artists such as Sonny Costanzo and Tony Scott. In 2019, he released his first self-produced indie album "Miles Away," which was well-received and helped him top the Reverbnation indie chart. Since then, he has released several singles under Bentley Records, including "Neon Bends," "Powered By The Sun," "MamboTambo," and "Quando Non Ci Sei." "Bella Come Il Sole" is a song about a love story that begins on social media between two people who live far away from each other.


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