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Stefano May - "Hope It Will Remind You"

Stefano May is an Adult Contemporary artist whose music is characterized by dynamic piano arrangements and deep, stirring vocals. He is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, having been trained since the age of seven at the world-renowned Conservatory Santa Cecilia in Rome. Stefano draws inspiration from his personal experiences and memories, which is evident in his latest single "Hope It Will Remind You." The heart-wrenching and bittersweet dedication to those affected by Alzheimer's disease incorporates VHS tapes of Stefano's childhood, where he is seen bonding with his father through music and tender, loving exchanges of affection. Stefano hopes his music will help spread awareness of the Alzheimer's community and provide comfort to those suffering. He has worked with famed director Franco Zeffirelli, who helped expand his creative process and hone his craft. In 2017, he co-wrote a song for the Sanremo Festival of Music in Italy, and in 2019 he started working on his first American solo production with producer Chico Bennett.


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