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Stefanie Joosten - "Tryouts For The Human Race" (feat. Giorgio Moroder)

Stefanie Joosten, born on August 5, 1988, in the Netherlands, is a multifaceted artist who has explored various creative domains throughout her career. Many may remember her for her modeling career, which took off while she was living and studying in Japan. However, her artistic endeavors didn't stop there. In the mid-2010s, Joosten transitioned to acting, where she made a significant mark by contributing to the iconic video game series, Metal Gear, and Spacelords.

After a brief hiatus, Stefanie Joosten reemerged in the spotlight with leading roles in projects like "Wanted: Dead" and "Soulstice." However, 2022 marked a significant shift in her career as she made the bold decision to explore the world of music. This transition culminated in the release of her debut album, a remarkable collaboration with the legendary Giorgio Moroder, who served as the executive producer.

Joosten's debut album is a testament to her versatility and ambition. Notably, it features songs written by Moroder himself, along with Pete Bellotte and Tom Whitlock, renowned for their work with musical icons such as Donna Summer, Berlin, Blondie, David Bowie, Irene Cara, and Janet Jackson. The significance of this collaboration is underscored by the fact that it's the first time in 40 years that the Academy Award-winning Giorgio Moroder has put his name on a record by an emerging artist. The album also includes guest appearances by Matt Sorum and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, adding an extra layer of richness to the musical tapestry.

The album's track "Tryouts For The Human Race," with its English lyrics and a fusion of cyberpunk, darksynth, and indietronica influences, captures the essence of Stefanie Joosten's bold step into the world of music. It's a testament to her energy, happiness, and the epic scope of her artistic vision. This collaboration stands as a testament to Stefanie Joosten's ability to continually reinvent herself as an artist and to explore new frontiers. It's a reminder that creativity knows no bounds, and artists like Joosten are unafraid to push their boundaries and embrace their full potential. In her journey from modeling to acting and now to music, Stefanie Joosten continues to inspire with her artistic evolution.


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