State Wild Stuns On "Take Me Home"

State Wild emerged after a chance encounter between lead singer (Beorn) and highly acclaimed producer David Darwood. A project began to develop, following with other members, Mat (Bassist), Seyfi (Guitarist) and Antonio (Drummer) joining shortly after to share their influence. Take Me Home is about missing someone intensely. Someone on the other side of the world or on another metaphorical planet. Not being in the same time zone. The song stems from the idea of there being other worlds. Bringing what we know on earth and the vastness of out a space together.. it’s trying to covey a message through human kind and their effects of the planet. The single to us is quite ravishing to the ears, as it fills us up with something we were defintely missing for the day if we say so ourselves. It starts first with a luscious and welcoming pad, within its smoothness then comes the vocalist and his harmonious yet soft vocals. After the introducationary vocals there comes in a tougher feeling supporting vocal that leads us all the way into the very dynamic hook. This is definttely for the enjoyers of Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, U2, and 21 Pilots. Listen below.


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